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Sell My Car USA – Wichita Falls

At Sell My Car USA, we pay cash for cars in Wichita Falls and many other cities around the country. Our team makes it quick and easy to sell your car!

Who are we?

Sell My Car USA is a company with branches all around the United States. We provide junk car removal services and pay cash for junk cars in Wichita Falls. Our team takes many things into consideration when assessing the value of your vehicle including:

  • Year
  • Make
  • Model
  • Mileage
  • Demand
  • Is there rust?
  • Is the vehicle damaged?
  • Does the vehicle run?

What do we buy?

That’s easy: Everything.

We pay cash for cars in Wichita Falls of all condition, make, and model.

Do you have a vehicle that has been involved in a major accident? We will buy it.

Do you have a vehicle that cannot legally be driven on the roadway any longer? We will buy that too.

Do you have a vehicle that is only good for parts? You guessed it, we will buy that too!

Sell My Car USA buys many different vehicles including newer used vehicles, cars in as-is condition, damaged cars, non-running cars, and junks cars. We also purchase vehicles that do not pass an emissions test or even have a salvaged title.

We buy cars in Wichita Falls and provide complimentary towing and removal services. Towing is often scheduled for the same day, though not guaranteed.

How does it work?

The process begins by the customer calling our office to request a price or filling out an online form for an instant price. Once all things have been taken into consideration and a price has been agreed upon, we come to you and provide cash for cars in Wichita Falls.

To make the process frictionless, Sell My Car USA handles all of the DMV required paperwork.

If your vehicle is non-running or junk, we will pay you cash and have it removed and towed to our junk yard in Wichita Falls.

What paperwork needs to be done?

First and foremost, the certificate of title. The certificate of title is the single most important document needed. Whether you have a clean title, rebuilt, or even a junk title, we can help you.

A vehicle history report is strongly recommended to provide when acquiring an estimate. To get started with this, you will need to provide the vehicles VIN number to get started. A vehicle history report provides further detail about the vehicle such as a car’s ownership, the status of the title, mileage, and accident history.

If you are selling a newer vehicle, warranty documentation will need to be provided, if applicable. The warranty will transfer from your name over into the new owner’s name so proper documentation will definitely be key in the ability to get the transaction approved.

Another important document to provide is an odometer disclosure. This is an official document that ensures the mileage on the odometer is accurate.

Now the second most important piece of documentation, the bill of sale. Both the buyer and seller will want a copy of this as it essentially is a receipt for proof of purchase.

Title difference

  • Clean title – this is the easiest type of car title to deal with. A clean title means the car has never been in a major accident, has never been stolen, and doesn’t need any extensive repairs.
  • Rebuilt title – these are the second easiest car titles to work with. A rebuilt title, once a salvaged title, is on a vehicle that someone dedicated to rebuilding, make it drivable again, and to pass inspection.
  • Salvage title – still, not the worst title to have to work with. A vehicle with a salvage title cannot legally be driven on the road but still has the opportunity for someone to rebuild it to pass inspection.
  • Junk & Dismantled title – a vehicle with this title can ONLY be parted out. A junk title is not repairable.

Again, Sell My Car USA is here to take that old rusty, hunk of junk car off of your hands by providing you with cash and complimentary removal and towing services. We handle all paperwork on your behalf to keep the process running smoothly and headache free on your part. We buy vehicles of all shapes and sizes, year, make, model, condition, and usability.

Sell My Car USA has made it a mission to provide you with the best prices compared to dealer trade in services and ensure there is no headache as there would be should you decide to sell third party on your own. We strive to ensure the process from start to finish is effortless for our valued customers.

What are you waiting for? Give us a call today, or go online, to sell that old car rotting in your driveway!

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