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Give us the details

Call us at (888) 657-5960 or fill out this form to tell us all about your vehicle. We’ll need to know make and model, the year, and a little bit about its condition. That way our experts can give you an accurate tailored offer for your car, specifically. We’ll take anything, so don’t hold back.


Get an offer ASAP

We’ll get you a competitive offer as soon as humanly possible - one with no strings attached or obligation to accept. No pressure from our team, but we always want to make sure you have all the information quickly to make your decision.


Meet our team

Work with our team to arrange a convenient spot for pick up - whether that’s your home or office, we’ll come to you wherever you are. We’ll do a quick check of your vehicle and a little paperwork, and then you’ll be good to go!


Get that money!

Once everyone is happy and documents are sorted out, all you’ll have left to do is head to the bank to cash your check! For real - we do this a lot, and we’re pros. The turnaround time from car to cash is as fast as lightning. Even though we’ll leave you pretty quickly, if there are ever any issues or you have questions, you can always call us at (888) 657-5960.


No surprises

We’re pretty chill - we’re just trying to make this process as easy as 1, 2, 3 for you. To keep it that way, we have no hidden fees, no fine print - just a simple sale with a straightforward and honest team!


It’s simple!

The whole reason we started Sell My Car is because we had a horrible experience selling our car, and you want to ensure you never have to do that! Our goal is to make everything as easy as possible for you, and to make sure you get a great deal for your car.

We buy anything
and everything

We aren’t picky! You can bring in a car in any condition to us, we often exceed offers from other dealers, and there’s nothing that makes us happier than to make you more money.

We love what we do...

...And we hope you love what we do too! We want you to leave happier than you came to us, and get you the best deal under the sun. It can be hard to part with your car (whether you’ve had it for a lifetime or just a short time), so we want to get you some cold hard cash to make you feel better.

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