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Sell my Car USA wants to pay cash for cars in Tyler, Texas! We are looking for your hidden treasure discovered in a junk yard in Tyler that has a glimmer of hope left after being involved in an accident. Not only are we willing to pay cash for junk cars in Tyler, we are looking to buy the vehicles you are ready to get off of your hands - the cars that cause you more trouble than they are worth, or those that simply will not start no matter how many tireless hours you put into the thing.


We are here to help you! Sell my Car USA wants to aid those in Tyler have a better experience getting rid of their cars. Rather than going through the monotonous process of plastering the red “for sale” sign on the dreaded front window, we are willing to meet the seller where they are and do all the heavy lifting. Sell my Car USA takes into consideration the year, make, model, and condition of your car to determine the price. Next, we communicate the price to you through a phone call, or through completing our contact form. Once the price has been accepted, we are ready to give you the cash for your car. In addition, we seamlessly provide free towing and junk yard removal, often on the same day that you call us!


Our company values you as a seller, and wishes to ease the process of getting a vehicle off of your hands. Consider this brief rundown of the types of vehicles we will pay cash for:

  • Everyday, nice cars ready to stroll the city
  • Cars in as-in condition that need a little spiffing up before hitting the roads
  • Damaged cars who need some TLC before getting in the hands of a new owner
  • Non-running cars who need to undergo a major transformation before taking on their new life
  • Junk cars who have been forgotten
  • Cars with salvaged titles who need a second chance
  • Cars that don’t pass emissions test and need a little more inspection than you can give


Not only do we review the condition of your car, but we take into consideration how many miles are on the vehicle. We also acknowledge the year, as well as the make and model of the car, before thoughtfully deciding the price of the vehicle. All of these factors intertwine to determine a resale value that accommodates the demand for the vehicle as well. We even take care of all of the DMV paperwork. Let us do the messy work for you! Ditch the dial up computer trying to load a webpage telling you how much your car is worth, and contact us to have the vehicle off of your hands that same day.


If you live in Tyler, and you are still unsure if Sell my Car USA is for you, consider this checklist to help you decide:

  • Do you have a used car you are looking to get rid of?
  • Do you dread the thought of finding prospects to buy your car?
  • Do you want to avoid trading in your car or selling it to a private party?
  • Are you unsure if the condition of your car will affect a sale?
  • Do you need the vehicle gone quickly, and have no way of hauling it anywhere?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, we are the company for you! Avoid the trip to the store to get that red “for sale” sign and grab your phone to get in contact with us. We understand that the junk car in the shed was once a prospective beauty who would capture the streets of the town, but we want to take it from there. Hand over your rusty treasure, and within the same day we will come complete the junk car removal for you. We buy cars in Tyler, and make the process swift for you.


Sell my Car USA wants to pay cash for cars in Tyler, Texas. If you are a seller looking to have a seamless transition getting a car off of your hands, we can get the job done for you. If you are a collector with a passion for cars, but the inventory has gotten away from you, we want to help you. We can assure you a fair price on your car through the countless details we examine along the way. Whether your car has just outgrown your style, has become an eye sore, or has simply quit working altogether, we want to work with you. Sell my Car USA is dedicated to ensuring you as the seller has a flawless experience parting with your car. If you are looking out your back window looking at that car you thought you could save, it’s time to give us a call. Sell my Car USA is the company for you - we are willing to pay cash for cars in Tyler, Texas!

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