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We are Sell My Car USA- we buy cars in McAllen!

Selling a car through classified ads can take weeks and sometimes months. People who choose to sell their car through classified ads often have to wait until the right buyer comes along. In the meantime, they spend a lot of time and resources to get their car ready for sale, often with no guaranteed buyer. And finally, when it comes time to sell the car, you have to deal with a mountain of paperwork.

Isn’t there a better way?

Here at Sell My Car USA in McAllen, we work to make the process of selling your car quicker and easier. First, we buy the car as-is which means that you do not have to worry about fixing the car before they sell it. Second, the process is simpler and faster because we handle all the paperwork for you!

If you’re selling a car in McAllen Texas, contact Sell My Car USA. We will make you an offer the same day!

What we offer

  • Cash up front
  • Free quote
  • Free towing and removal
  • Handling of DMV paperwork

Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of cars do you take?

We will take nearly any car, no matter the condition! This includes:

  • Nice cars
  • Junked cars
  • Cars with salvage titles
  • Cars that don’t run
  • Cars that can’t pass an emissions test

Do you really offer cash for junked cars?

Yes, we do! Give us a call and we will get the process started!

How does the process work?

You can call us or fill out a form online to receive your instant quote. If you accept the price, we will come as soon as possible and tow the car. Easy as that!

You say that you handle all the paperwork, is that true?

Sure is! Just provide us with the basic title and registration and we will do the rest for you, free of charge!

How do you value a car?

Sell My Car USA in McAllen will consider the car’s make, year and model, and mileage. The condition of the car is also important in determining the car’s value. We also determine the value of the car based on its resale value.

What if my car has been in a major accident? Will you buy it, or should I just take it to a junk yard?

Don’t waste your time and money contacting a junk yard in McAllen… we will buy that car! Call us and we will make you an offer the same day.

Can you come the same day?

Often we can! It will depend on a case-by-case basis, however, so we cannot guarantee same day towing. But we make our utmost effort to get the cars off your hands and cash into your pocket as quickly as possible?

Will you remove cars from my property?

We do! We will buy any car in the McAllen Texas area and remove them from your property. We offer free towing and buy cars as-is and make the process quicker and simpler than if you were selling to a third party.

My friend (or uncle, brother, sister ect.) has a car that he wants to sell. Can I handle the sale on their behalf?

Sorry, but we can only buy the car from the licensed owner. Put them in contact with us and we can discuss the details with them.

I live outside the McAllen area, will you take my car?

We service multiple cities, check out our website for more information.

What If I don’t like the offer you make? Do I still have to sell you the car?

We try hardest to give you a fair price for the value of the vehicle. But if you don’t like the offer, no problem! You can always try to sell the car another way.

In our experience, however, we offer the best mix of value and convenience for your car. You don’t have to keep paying for insurance or a mechanic to fix up the car. You don’t have to wait months for someone to buy it. We will get it off your hands, sometimes the same day!

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