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Sell my Car USA—we buy cars in Corpus Christi!

Sell my Car USA makes it easy, and our business is cash for cars in Corpus Christi! Keep your car selling local, simple, and fast, with towing as soon as the very same day. Our goal is to make your car-selling process quick and simple, and get your money to you as fast as possible.

Posting in a multiple classifieds, fielding phone calls and inquiries, and haggling with a bunch of strangers—this is just some of the dreary field work you can say goodbye to when you sell your car to Sell my Car USA over the phone.

Why use Sell my Car USA?

If you want cash for your car in Corpus Christi, there’s no better choice than Sell my Car USA. Lose the hassle and worry of selling to a private party and dragging a deal out with no certainty of a sale! With Sell my Car USA, you’ll sell your vehicle easily and quickly, and get paid in cash.

This includes cash for junk cars. Don’t go to the junkyard in Corpus Christi—give us a call!

But my car is totaled/non-running/has a salvaged title! Will you still buy it?

YES! Sell my Car USA is interested in your vehicle, whether it’s freshly waxed or ready for the scrap heap. Let us make your car selling process easy—whether your car is:

  • Great condition
  • Poor condition
  • Damaged
  • Been in a major accident
  • Non-running
  • Doesn’t pass emissions test
  • Salvaged title
  • Junk!

We will buy it! And we’re only a phone call away.

Sell my Car USA is hassle-free

You can sell your car with one simple phone call, at a price you agree upon. You’ll speak to us directly over the phone, and get a price quickly. We’re vehicle experts, and we want to give you a fair price for your car so you’ll use us in the future and refer your family and friends! It’s a win-win.

In addition, we will come and get the car from you, so you don’t need to leave your house. If the car is running, we’ll zip right away after you have your cash! If it’s not running, then we’ll tow it away, and you can finally free up that space in your garage or driveway that’s been taken up for too long.

Cash for cars! Sell my Car USA will give you a fair price

A private sale can have a lot of holes and wiggle room for a buyer. When you’re dealing with us, you’re dealing with a team of vehicle experts who will fairly price your sale directly with you. We’ll discuss the things like your car’s:

  • Year
  • Make
  • Model
  • Mileage
  • Body condition

And a few other things. Some vehicles have more demand, which means even more money for you! We’re excited to speak to you and tell you how much you can get for your car.

Sell my Car USA takes care of the DMV details

Selling your car is hard enough, and dealing with DMV paperwork on top of that all is too much. We take that all off your hands. Your time is valuable, and you don’t need to spend it at the Texas DMV. When we say we make it easy, we’re serious! We know everything that goes into a selling a car, and we have crafted our business around every essential detail so that you don’t need to worry about a thing.

Junk car removal

Has your junk car been sitting in your driveway for months? Is it killing that corner of your lawn, to the point where you’re ready to take a financial loss just to get it out of there?

Wouldn’t you rather be paid for its removal?

That’s why we’re here! If you’re struggling to find a buyer for your junk car, or if you don’t even want to think about the idea of beginning that process, you want to talk to Sell my Car USA. We pay cash for junk cars!

Trust us—we’ve dealt with a lot of vehicles, and we know what a hassle it can be. We want to take that work off of your shoulders and leave you with cash and a smile on your face. The only thing we can’t do is regrow your grass!

Give us a call!

We’re thrilled to talk to you about your vehicle, and we don’t waste any time in getting you what you want to hear—the price you’ll be paid, and how quickly we can come out! And we’re certain you’ll be satisfied with the answers. Sell my Car USA is here to help you out in Corpus Christi, and we look forward to making your life easier.

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