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Get cash for your used, junk or damaged car in Austin 

Are you based in Austin? Do you have a used, junk or damaged car that you’re not sure what to do with? Was your vehicle in a major accident, or is it damaged? 

You may be wondering how to sell your used car. The good news is you’re not alone. We offer cash for cars in Austin to help you make the most from your vehicle.

Many people think that selling their car is a lengthy process involving multiple calls, navigating classified sites, and dealing with salespeople. With Sell My Car USA, that’s not the case. Our team will guide you through the process – and we make it quick and easy for you. You don’t even need to drive your car to the junkyard to make it happen!

With the help of our amazing team, in the same day, you can:

  • Get a price for your car
  • Get your car picked up directly
  • Receive cash 
  • Get free towing (typically available on the same day)

Read on to learn more about how this works.

How to get cash for your car 

At Sell Your car USA, we purchase your car from you directly. That means you don’t need to sell it on your own, trade it in, or sell it to a private party. We buy cars in Austin of all shapes and conditions, including:

  • Damaged cars
  • Non-running cars
  • Junk cars
  • Cars that don’t pass emissions tests
  • Cars with salvaged titles

If you have a car that fits this description, feel free to give us a call. Once again, there’s no need to go through the hassle of bringing your car to a junkyard in Austin, or dealing with any junk car removal process at all. Within just a few hours, we’ll collect your car from you, and we’ll pay you on the same day. 

How will I get the price for my car? 

There are two ways to get a price for your car:

  • Via phone
  • Via our online content form

If you call us, a member of our team will give you the quoted price directly over the phone. If you prefer to fill out our content form instead, you’ll get an instant price for your vehicle. 

It only takes a few minutes to find out how much your car is worth and arrange for pick up. Basically, as long as you’re in Austin, you don’t even need to leave your house to make money from your car!

How do you value my car? 

Our team knows vehicles inside-out, so we take a couple things into consideration, like the year, make, model, and current condition. We also look at things like:

  • The number of miles
  • If the car has any damage (and if so, how much)
  • Whether there’s rust, chipping paint, or body work to be done

We’re experts in managing vehicles and aim to provide you with the best price we can offer. Based on our knowledge, we also assess the demand for your vehicle – some cars naturally have a better resale price than others. 

Once we send you the price, you’ll have the chance to review it and accept it.  

What happens once I accept?

  Once you accept our offer, we’ll travel to you to pick up your car. It doesn’t matter if you’re 5 miles away or way more – as long as you’re in Austin, we’ll come straight to you and provide our end-to-end service.

Do you offer towing?

Yes, we do! One of the benefits of Sell My Car USA is that we offer free towing and removal of your vehicle. We can typically schedule this for the same day to make the process as efficient as possible.   

Why should I use Sell My Car USA?

There are very few services that offer cash for cars in Austin, particularly with a same-day turnaround. Before using our service, most of our customers found the process of selling their used car long and arduous. This can be particularly challenging if you want to get cash for junk cars in Austin, and usually requires making multiple calls. 

At Sell My Car USA, we go out of our way to make this a seamless process for you. It’s our goal to get your car off your hands as quickly as possible – and help you enjoy the process! 

We’re passionate about what we do, which is reflected in our dedication and commitment. By working with us, you’re sure to have a seamless experience. That’s why we’ve quickly become a preferred way to get cash for cars in Austin. 

Just give us a call today

If you’re ready to sell your used car, go ahead and give us a call now. By the end of today, we’ll pick up your car and make sure you have your cash in hand. It’s easy!  

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