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Sell My Car USA—Temecula

Maybe you’ve been there…you wanted to sell your car, there was a paid ad, phone calls, and a lot of fruitless waiting while you tried desperately to find someone you could convince to take away that old jalopy sitting in your driveway. Maybe a buyer never came, and you had to say ‘farewell’ to your four wheels at the gates of the junk yard in Temecula.

We are Junk That Car and we are offering a fresh and painless approach to re-selling your car! Not only do we give cash for cars in Temecula, we also offer unique services, and are dedicated to serving the community. Our goal is to provide a platform that helps the seller, as well as the buyer. So, if you are wanting to get rid of your car, but are having a hard time finding a buyer willing to take it off your hands—we are here for YOU in Temecula.

What we do

We understand that you don’t want to drive that old car until the wheels literally fall off while you are trying to get from point A to point B. So if you have your eye on a new car we can help you close the deal by giving you cash in hand in a seamless process!

With our Cash For Cars in Temecula program, our goal is to buy cars while making the process as frictionless as possible for the seller. We take on the headache so you don’t have to! We have stream-lined our process to be able to offer you as many benefits as possible.

Call us when you need us and we can give you an upfront offer so there is no guesswork. If you are ready to shake hands on a deal, we come to you! Not only do we offer cash for junk cars in Temecula, but we will handle the DMV paperwork as well. In many instances, we can also include same-day towing! These are some of the perks that come with doing business with Junk That Car.

To get started, we offer two ways you can get in contact with us:

  • We can give you a price over the phone for your car,
  • Or, if you prefer, you can fill out our contact form to get an instant price.

If you accept our offer, we can close the deal quickly and painlessly. That beats haggling with your neighbor to strike a deal, or having to rent a tow to haul your car-bones off your property!

The cars we buy

When we say that we buy cars in Temecula, we mean the good the bad and the ugly! We buy the cars that were only driven by Grandma once a week to the grocery store, and we buy the cars that were hauled off from yesterday’s accident. Here is a more comprehensive list:

  • We buy nice cars
  • We buy damaged cars
  • We buy non-running cars and junk cars
  • We buy cars that don’t pass emissions test
  • We buy cars with salvaged title

And the list goes on…

Our passion is cars and we accept them as-is! We set our prices on detailed criteria so each client receives a fair value. Let us know more about your car, and we are ready to make you an offer!

The value

We pride ourselves in giving fair value to your specific car. No car is too hopeless for our consideration! When we decide the value of your car we base it on the following criteria:

  • What is the year, make, model, and condition of the car?
  • Does it have a lot of miles on it?
  • Has it been damaged?
  • Is it rusted?
  • Has it been in a wreck?

The answers to these questions and others will influence the price we can offer you for your vehicle. Also, it is important to keep in mind that some vehicles will have a higher demand in the market than others, affecting its resale value. If you are looking to get your jalopy off your hands, and in a timely manner, we are there to do junk car removal!

We’re here to serve!

At Junk That Car, we pride ourselves on serving a unique need in our community. Our job is to make YOUR job easier! We want to get to know you (and your cars!). We give cash for cars in Temecula and a win-win situation for both the buyer and seller. We offer a willing buyer, evaluation, towing services, and ready cash and pride ourselves on making the process quick and painless!

Not only do you get your car off your hands, but we want to put money INTO your hands. Let us know when you are ready to get started! We are just a phone call or a few clicks away.

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