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Sell my Car USA

There may be many reasons you are holding on to that used car of yours, the reason might be personal or not, or maybe you believe getting rid of it might be daunting, and the stress is not worth it. Well, now that you know about a company named “Sell my car USA”, you can always dispose of your used cars with ease and with profit.

Thanks for being eco-friendly

A junk car is not entirely useless; many parts can be salvaged or recycled to produce a new part; this is a value we recognize at Sell my car USA. With the decision to sell off your car, you help reduce the stress on Earth’s natural resources. Kudos to you; our company thanks you for saving mother Earth.

Get to know Sell my Car USA

Sell my car USA is a company that offers cash for cars in National City, San Diego County. California. While other companies focus on obtaining your valued cars, we want to buy the cars no one is buying. We buy cars in National City and its environs, and you can always contact us for a reasonable price for your junk cars.

What type of cars does Sell my car USA buy?

Virtually, we buy all types, but we focus more on the types you think they useless and of no or less value to you:

  • Non-running or junk cars; the type of cars you’ve spent a fortune to get running but to no avail. Or the cars you abandoned due to their out-of-style features.
  • Damaged cars, even if it is at a point of non-repairable.
  • Accident cars; the type of cars no one would buy because it has been involved in an accident and maybe claimed lives.
  • Cars that failed emission tests; cars that are no longer road-worthy because of their hazardous emissions.
  • Nice cars; well, we also buy nice and running cars.

How do we value a car at Sell my Car USA?

We use multiple factors to value a car but be rest assured you will always get good cash for your car. The factors are but not limited to:

  • Year of manufacture; you should expect that recently manufactured cars will worth more than older ones.
  • The make or brand; also, you should not be surprised if we price a junk Bugatti more than a running Toyota.
  • Condition of the car; definitely, a running car will worth more than a broken one of the same caliber.
  • Damage history; we also consider how often the car has been damaged and repaired in the past. This will help to determine the car’s integrity and longevity.
  • Market’s demand; if renovated, how easy is it to find someone to buy it.
  • Resale price; after renovation, or if scrapped, the amount it will worth.

Why trade with Sell my Car USA?

While choosing the best way to dispose of your car, you need to know your choice’s benefits and downside. So, basically, there are four ways; junkyard, classified ads, online auction, and trade-in.

Junkyards will only pay you a token for junk cars, and some might not pay you at all because they see junking your car as a favor. Junkyards in National City usually pay around $200 - $250, and most times, you will pay for the towing to the yard.

Though cheap and popular, classified ads do not guarantee you will find a buyer soon or at all. Even when you find buyers, you will have to deal with paperwork, towing, and lots more. You are likely to encounter scammers too.

Online auction is often costly, and even with that, it does not guarantee sales. There are still loads of paperwork to deal with and taxes to pay. Also, there is a likelihood of encountering scammers online.

Trade-in, which is what Sell my car USA offers:

  • You have the guarantee that we will buy your car
  • We will get the paperwork done for you
  • Our deal is transparent, so we reduce the risk of you getting scammed
  • Often, we do same-day transaction
  • We offer high price for your junk cars
  • We help you save tax costs
  • Once purchased, we tow the vehicle at free cost

What do you need to trade with JSell my Car USA?

With Sell my car USA, getting cash for used cars in National City is quite easy; see the process order below:

  1. Place a call to Sell my car USA, and the company will make a schedule to come and check out your car.
  2. Personnel from the company arrives, examine the car and decide a suitable price.
  3. Once there is an agreement on the price, you provide the necessary documents and you get paid.
  4. The company tow the vehicle away.


It is easy, safe, and profitable to trade your rusty cars with Sell my car USA; we are reachable 24/7. Contact us now or sooner.

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