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About Sell My Car USA:

Sell My Car USA is a cash for car business located in Bakersfield, California. Sell My Car USA will provide cash for cars as-is, running or not, perfect condition or damaged. Instead of going through the trouble of trying to trade your vehicle or selling to a private party, Sell My Car will offer a fair price and convenient services to help you get cash for your car. Selling your car privately can be stressful and often, an unnecessary hassle. Having to deal with online Ads, test-drives, possible requested repairs made by private parties, and more, can start to get overwhelming when added to an already hectic schedule everyday schedule. Getting cash for your car is made quick and easy when you contact Sell My Car USA.

Our Goal:

The Sell My Car USA company aims for twenty-four-hour response times for their clients as well as reasonable pricing, Sell My Car USA is often a quicker and much more convenient option than trading in or selling to a private buyer. Sell My Car USA handles all the DMV paperwork for their clients. Our company also provides free towing and car removal from your location which is scheduled at your convenience! Sell My Car USA strives to meet clients needs and make the car selling process as simple and stress-free as possible.

What Vehicles is Sell My Car USA Interested In?

Sell My Car USA purchases cars in Bakersfield and in other nearby areas! Cash is offered for cars in good, fair, and even damaged condition. Brand new, or old and rusted, we’re interested in providing cash for whatever car you may have! Has your car been in a major accident? We’ll still buy it! We will also provide cash for junk cars for our junk yard in Bakersfield. Sell My Car USA will also provide cash for cars that are unable to pass emissions tests, as well as cars with salvaged titles, and much more. If you are wondering if we will buy your car, feel free to send us a message!

Ready to proceed?

Most of the time, requests are replied to and a quote is given to the client within one day, making sure to keep the process as quick and convenient as possible for everyone. You can receive your quote from Sell My Car USA over the phone or by filling out a contact form. If you accept the price given, arrangements will be made by Sell My Car USA for removal, usually within twenty-four hours, and you will receive cash for your car. Clients’ names’ must be on the title for the car in question, cars cannot be sold to Sell My Car USA or any other buyers without an official title transfer.

Damaged Vehicle? Sell My Car USA Will Still Take It!

Sell My Car USA will still provide cash for your car even if it has mechanical issues, is damaged, or is even non-running. When quoting, each car is valued fairly, taking into consideration the make, model, year, mileage, condition, and current the demand for the vehicle being quoted. Sell My Car USA will provide clients with cash for cars in any condition including any vehicles with bad Carfax Reports, any amount of rust, paint damage, or frame damage. Sell My Car USA also gives their clients cash for vehicles with salvage, branded titles and vehicles with previous repairs done or repairs currently required for the vehicle. Please keep in mind that vehicles that have a more extensive vehicle history will not have the same value as a vehicle that has never been in an accident, flood, hailstorm or any other type of accident.

Getting cash for cars in Bakersfield is made amazingly easy with free towing and junk car removal. Sell My Car USA aims to make selling cars for cash as convenient as possible for all their clients. Hassle free and stress free! All of the required DMV paperwork is also handled by Sell My Car USA free of expense.

Sell My Car USA is also happy to provide cash for junk cars to their clients in Bakersfield and its surrounding areas. The junk cars will be taken to the Sell My Car USA junk yard in Bakersfield, California.

More Information That Clients Should Know:

Cash for cars can only be given if the title is in the seller’s name. It is illegal for Sell My Car USA, and the majority of other buyers, both private and trade-in, to purchase vehicles without a proper title. If your title is lost or destroyed, or if you need assistance on the steps to take to get a vehicle, you have a legal claim to, titled in your name contact your local DMV department for help.

Sell My Car USA does not provide cash for motorbike vehicles or ATVs at this time, Sell My Car USA is sorry for any inconvenience to potential clients.

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