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We’ve all been in this situation: you have a car that’s seen better days. Maybe it was your grandfather’s beloved truck, maybe it was your first car out of college, maybe it was just a piece of junk you got on a deal. But whatever its history, it just doesn’t work anymore. And you’re tired of it sitting in your yard, rusting away. You need to sell it. But where?

About Us

Enter us, stage left! At Sell My Car USA, we buy cars in and around the Tucson area. We are one of Tucson’s leading junkyards and salvage agencies, and we are always happy to buy. We buy any kind of car, from Ferraris to Fiats. We buy cars in any range of conditions, from brand new, gently used, and in good condition cars to those who have seen a little more love: cars with minor or major damage, rusted Junkers, sputtering broken-down messes, cars that aren’t even legally cars anymore. We’ll buy the cars that didn’t pass their emissions tests, and cars that never studied for it in the first place. Has your car been in a major accident? We’ll still buy it, even though our competitors may not. No matter the quality, we will take your car.

Our Other Benefits

Other benefits of working with our company include:

  • We provide a centralized service to sell your car. Instead of dealing with dozens of individual prospective buyers, all fighting a bitter, teeth-clenched, sweat-drenched battle to pay YOU the least amount of money they possibly can, we provide a one-stop, one-sale service to get the car out of your hands as quickly as possible. Forget jockeying with the denizens of Craigslist—you’re better than that. Call us now, and enjoy our frictionless, stress-free sales experience!
  • We buy cars as is, no repairs needed. Our competitors will sometimes insist on repairs to the car before they agree to buy it; however, at Cash for Cars in Tucson, we think that’s utter horsecars. At Cash for Cars in Tucson, we pride ourselves on being able to see the true beauty of any car, not just the flaws on the outside that so many others see.
  • We often purchase cars on the same day that prospective sellers call us. Other companies may oftentimes make you wait around, twiddling your thumbs, while they get back to you with the money you deserve for your car. Not us. Call us, and we will work our hardest to have the money in your hands that very same day. Our competitors simply can’t match this fast turnaround time—and as they say, time is money, so consider this a cash bonus!
  • We pay cash for cars. (It’s right there in our name.) While other companies may make you wait around for bank account transfers, send you checks that you need to go out of your way to cash, (and, as we all know, time is money,) or pay in credit card transfers (and, here at Cash for Cars, we’re not the biggest fans of invisible money just floating around in the air), we will have cold hard green cash. No strings attached.

Valuing and Pricing

The way we value cars takes into account several different factors, such as the traits and quality of the car, the condition it’s in, and the extent of any damage it has suffered in the past. If a car has a degree of rust on it, for example, that will bring down the price; the less rust there is, the higher price we will pay. Damage here is also a factor; if the car has been in a crash, we will unfortunately not be able to pay as much as we would for a car that’s in good condition. Additionally, we take into account mileage and the general effects of wear and tear on the car; while you may have taken your car on amazing adventures all around the United States, unfortunately those unforgettable experiences will not be reflected in the price! Did you know that spring is the best time to sell a car? It’s true.

During tax season, people are on the hunt for anything they can claim as a deductible (we all know everyone loves getting money!) so people are eager to purchase new cars. Generally the best time to sell anywhere between March and August, which is right around the corner. So, if you have a rusty old Junker sitting around in your yard that you’re just dying to get rid of, the best time to act is now—and there’s only one junkyard in Tucson which specializes in junk car removal and gives cash for junk cars at this incredible rate! Call us now, and not only will you be spared the pain of looking at that rusted hulk taking up space in your garage, you’ll also walk away with a fat stack of cash!

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